2019 ILTWYP Holiday Gift Guide

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By Asia Mape | December 15, 2019

2019 ILTWYP Holiday Gift Guide


For injuries or recovery, these are a brilliant solution. Simply take the Freeze Sleeve out of the freezer and slide it right onto your treatment area for instant cold compression therapy. Made in the USA with all organic materials. $49.00-$75.00


The perfect stocking stuffer for an athlete. An Aluminum free, Paraben free, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free deodorant with over 5,000 five star reviews. And it comes in great, fun and natural smells like Coconut & Vanilla & Cucumber Mint. $36.00 for a 3 pack!


The perfect gift for your special ball player. Delivered in 5-10 days, so don’t wait!


We have been hearing a lot about these insoles lately. They are ‘scientifically proven’ to increase explosiveness by an average of 9.3%,’ The premium insoles do this by generating more force into the ground, which translates into more energy being pushed out, which translates to jumping higher and running faster with more explosiveness. They are worn by 44 NFL, NBA and MLB Teams and more than 100 NCAA teams.. But they aren’t cheap at $199.00.


No longer are these hand held massage guns just found at physical therapists offices. Many athletes own their own. The high frequency vibration helps get rid of fatigue, and alleviate pain. Everyday use can help improve your warmup and recovery, in addition to your range of motion. The prices vary greatly depending on which brand you choose and check Groupon for deals as well. $99.00-$399.00

Gifts for parents of athletes:

The Most Important Sports Item I Own

Cold Sidelines, No Problem!

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