The Most Important Sports Item I Own

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By Asia Mape | April 15, 2018

The Most Important Sports Item I Own

This blanket has kept me warm through hundreds of games and practices.  An added bonus, just throw it into the washer (and dryer) and it comes out perfect every time.

As a mom of three very busy young athletes, this blanket is the single most important item I own. I keep TWO in my car at all times since first discovering it 3-years ago. It’s lightweight and stuffs into a carry sac that slips around my wrist, so I can easily take it along everywhere I go.

I took this photo last week when I walked up to a nighttime water polo practice and saw several of the other parents cozied up under their own copycat blankets. I promise no staging was involved, but it did inspire me to write this post. By the way, I had just left a soccer practice where another mom bought one on the spot after seeing mine.

This warm and cozy blanket has been my life saver so many times. And not just me, it has wrapped around and kept all of my kids and dozens of other parents – who snuggle up with me – warm, while watching a practice or games. I sit on it on cold benches or when the I schlep several of my kids to watch their sister’s game and they want to stretch out on the grass. And last week, here in sunny California, I used it to block the reflection from bleacher seats below our umbrella.

On Amazon they range in price, but some are as low as $24.99, but I bought mine at Costco, and they often have 2-pack deals, but right now they aren’t in stock. There are also Groupons for them for $32.99.

I am not a spokesperson for it (although I wish I was), just in case you are wondering.  I just wanted to share it because I truly believe every sports parent needs to have one. If you do purchase it on Amazon, we are Amazon Affiliate Associates and will earn a small percentage.

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