I grew up playing every sport possible to keep up with my older brothers. I was a gangly, fearless tomboy running the streets of Detroit and then playing pickup games until dark in the suburbs of Washington DC. In every family video you can see me off in the distance dribbling a ball or you can hear it in the background. At first, playing sports was a way to connect with my brothers and earn the respect of the neighborhood kids, eventually it earned me a basketball scholarship and a starting role as a freshman at a small D-1 school, Coastal Carolina College. Once I was there, my heart wasn’t in it. I had played travel ball for an AAU team, won a state championship in highschool and suddenly, I was burnt out.

I transferred to the University of Michigan, earned a degree in Communications and found a way to stay connected to sports by working in Sports Television as a producer. In the past twenty years I’ve worked for all the major Sports Networks; Fox Sports, ESPN, TNT, NFL Network and NBC Sports covering some of the most coveted events including five Olympics, NBA playoffs, and Super Bowls. I’ve interviewed hundreds of athletes and I’m fascinated by their incredible talent, work ethic and the stories behind what drove them to become world-class competitors.  Currently, I work in Non Scripted Development for NBC, but my first love will always be sports.

I’m married to a former University of Hawaii Volleyball player who is as obsessed with sports as me. We have three daughters who play club soccer, basketball and water polo. I schlep my kids to some 7-8 practices a week, have tournaments or games most weekends and still fit in privates for my kids when able. I LOVE every minute of it.  I do often ask myself, what’s it for? Am I doing the right thing? How can we maintain our sanity when our sports schedules drive all that we do? My goal is for each of my kids to have a sport they love that can keep them busy in high school and out of trouble. But truth be told, I do have a sliver of hope that one might make it to the next level. Heck I did, and I had practically no support. My single Mom did the best she could but working full time and raising three kids didn’t give her much time to focus on my basketball career.

I hope you will find in this website, humor, compassion, and guidance for raising a successful young athlete all while maintaining some sort of sanity in your family!