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Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | June 11, 2019
From: English 9 – GT-LA-403-1-Wheeler-FY-CHS
To: 9th Grade English
Sent: Thursday, June 6, 2019, 07:13:23 PM EDT
Subject: USA! USA! USA!: English 9 – GT-LA-403-1-Wheeler-FY-CHS
Forget about the A Midsummer Night’s Dream Test! (not literally, we are still taking it)

Tomorrow starts off the World Cup! This is truly one of the best sporting spectacles out there. To put it in perspective, it is like the Superbowl, Stanley Cup, and Olympics all rolled into one incredible journey. Our women’s team is young, spirited, and ready to put on a glorious display of athleticism, yet it is more than that. The World Cup is able to unite people in a way that other sports can’t seem to do. As much as I love hockey, it isn’t for everyone. In fact, it is one of the most expensive sports to play. Seriously, just think about it. Football, hockey, and lacrosse are all expensive to play. You need pads, helmets, and expensive sticks. Soccer, however, is made for all of us. Go out, buy a ball, and kick it at a wall and you got a game. Every country has it because it is worth having.

Regardless, if you have ever played a sport in your life you better thank your parents tonight at dinner. All the money, games, practices, tears, sweat, and Sunday afternoons spent were all for you. Parents, please tell me if they don’t thank you because you deserve all the recognition in the world.

The Truth About Sports Parents

Do you play soccer here at Centennial? Good, go watch the Women’s World Cup!

Did you play soccer growing up? Good, go watch the Women’s World Cup!

Can you remember eating orange peels on the sideline as a kid? Good, go watch the Women’s World Cup!

Have you ever felt the exhilaration of kicking a soccer ball? Good, go watch the Women’s World Cup!

Do you hate soccer and think it is a waste of time? Good, go allow the Women’s World Cup to change your mind!

We are all on the same team from here on out and that is something that we all can get behind. THREE CHEERS FOR THE U S OF A BABY!

However, in the worst case scenario that something unspeakable happens to the USA, I say we cheer for Sweden. Look at their kits! The numbers on their jerseys will be filled with pictures of 48 female role models that have been selected by the team. If that isn’t something to root for, then idk what is!


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