Kids Tell Us The Truth about Sports Parents…

Alex Flanagan
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By Alex Flanagan | June 10, 2016


  1. Just let the kids play and cheer as a spectator. These kids are lucky they have parents who care so I wouldn’t get too busted up over their suffering. Little Jimmy has zero chance of making it to the pro’s so please keep that in mind. Just have fun.

  2. This video is fantastic. It tackles a difficult subject with a clear, straight foreword honesty. The kids are wonderful–and the piece as a whole is really special. I’ve sent it to everyone I know. Even folks without kids!

  3. I wish we all would just let our children have fun. We should focus our attention on the enjoyment of the activity in which they participate, not push them to where or what we think they should be doing.

  4. Cute video. Where are the articles on the coaches? The ones that scream at children, sit and pout on the sideline, lie to your child, conduct secret tryouts and break the spirit in children all across the country? These multimillion dollar club sport system have almost no oversight. It’s up to the parents to ensure transparency and safety. 99% of the parents are good parents when it comes to sports, you can’t say that for coaches. Imagine if the club coach acted this way at ISD at even 1 game the school coach would be fired. I watched an adult coach scream at a 12yr blaming her for losing the game. The parents quit the club. Why do you interview that child and see what see thinks about parents vs coaches. Next time you see a coach out of line, say something and see how you are treated.

  5. Not all kids are like this, my youngest child looks for me and he reminds me to cheer as loud for him as I can. Once I was speaking to a parent and not paying much attention and he literally stepped off the base and came to the fence to call on me to pay attention, lol..&…My oldest says he needs to hear me even if he can’t see me in the crowd!….and my middle child doesn’t like playing if we aren’t there, so sometimes my husband and I have to split up to make sure someone is always at his games…ALWAYS!

    • Your kid will never make a decision by himself. Please do not let him play soccer. As a coach, we don;t need parents like that. We can pick them out a mile away. And I probably make the kid sit the bench if parent was like that.

    • That’s great. I think there’s a difference between cheering your kid on and yelling at them what they need to do, though. They’re the ones out there on the field playing the game. It sounds like you listen to what your kids have to say about what they want and need from you and that’s commendable.

  6. This video delivers a very revealing and important message. I vote for mandatory viewing by all adults who have kids playing sports!

  7. This video delivers a very revealing and important message. I vote for mandatory viewing by all adults who have kids playing sports!


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