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Raising Kids to Compete and Win

Tauna Kay Vandeweghe is a former Olympian and a five-time NCAA Champion in swimming and volleyball. She was born into a highly successful, athletic family; her father and brother were NBA All-Stars and her uncle also played in the NBA. Child athletic development has become her passion and mission and she believes working with children as early as possible is important for a successful athletic experience. Growing up in an athletic family combined with the knowledge she gained from her own success has helped her raise four kids who love and excel at sports. She has raised a Pepperdine scholarship volleyball player, a Jr. Pan American Games water polo player, a high school basketball player and current WTA Top Ten Professional tennis player.

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Peak Performance Coach

Kirsten Jones is a former Division I volleyball player, a 14+ year NIKE executive and is currently a motivational speaker, writer and peak performance coach. As a coach, Kirsten works with athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders. She is the co-host of the #RaisingAthletes Podcast with Kirsten Jones & Susie Walton. On the podcast, they interview coaches, athletes and trainers about everything youth sports. She has two high school sons and a middle school daughter, who are all athletes. She writes about the challenges in raising strong athletes and extraordinary people.

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