10 Reasons To Try Beach Volleyball

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | February 14, 2020

10 Reasons To Try Beach Volleyball

Imagine a sport where kids are in control of their own successes and failures. No coach standing over them, subbing them out at every mistake. Now, imagine that those kids, instead of running to Subway or Chipotle in between games, stay and referee the next game. And where they have to work directly with tournament organizers to figure out where and when they play next. Imagine parents having NO ROLE, let me repeat that, NO ROLE in their sporting event  – except maybe driving them there. Now imagine what kids are learning from an experience like that: Self-reliance, grit, leadership, conflict management, self-regulation, discipline, work ethic, organization and being part of a community. All youth sports could learn something from beach volleyball!

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The #1 ranked UCLA Women’s Beach Volleyball Assistant Coach, Jenny Johnson Jordan knows a thing or two about volleyball. The former Bruin standout and Olympian is in her seventh season as an assistant coach with the UCLA beach volleyball program and is one of UCLA’s newest Hall of Famers.  She has won a national title as a player and as a coach as she helped guide the Bruins to their first-ever NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship in 2018, repeated as National Champs in 2019 and looking for a third straight title as they start this season as the top ranked team in the country. Here are Johnson Jordan’s top reasons kids should try beach volleyball.


10 reasons To Sign Your Child Up For Beach Volleyball:

  1. It’s (usually) outdoors – fresh air, vitamin D, usually at the beach or in a park. 
  2. It’s an incredible workout, running and jumping in the sand is not easy. And it’s low impact since the sand ‘gives,’ unlike a court or even grass.
  3. Players have to learn to rely on themselves, even the very young players – no coaches or coaching allowed during the games!
  4. It develops your all-around game. Unlike indoor volleyball, where players tend to be more specialized in their skill sets, in beach volleyball, with only two athletes on the court, you will need to develop and use a wider range of skills. 
  5. Parents aren’t allowed to yell or coach from the sidelines. This is actually a widely enforced and respected rule.
  6. Kids take an active role in the logistics of the matches. They typically are checking themselves in, as well as figuring out what court and times they play at.
  7. Kids referee the other matches. This not only ensures they will truly understand the rules and the game, but doing some of the ‘heavy lifting’ of the day allows them to take an active role in their sport.
  8. They often get free stuff like sun block and even bathing suits.
  9. There’s a lot of flexibility on when you play and how often, which is very nice for parents balancing a lot of different schedules and demands. Also, they can easily switch partners up, decide to play in most tournaments last minute and don’t HAVE to play in all the tournaments or any. 
  10. 42 Division 1 colleges are now offering Beach Volleyball scholarships and it’s a growing sport.

To try a UCLA Beach Volleyball Camp this spring or summer, Click here for more information.


  1. Unfortunately, now that it IS a collegiate sport, coaching has become a much larger intrusion into beach volleyball, with coaches stopping the kids from playing so they can run “drills”, and coaches having a say over who is paired with who for each event.


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