What Can Private Training Do For Your Athlete?

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | May 21, 2019

What Can Private Training Do For Your Athlete?

Beast Mode Soccer’s David Copeland-Smith Breaks It Down. Copeland-Smith trains U.S. Women’s National Team Players, Alex Morgan and Allie Long, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be the best. In this candid interview he discusses the ins and outs of training youth athletes.

00-1:30 – How the reps in private training lead to the confidence you need on the field.

1:30-2:48  How technology has changed private training for the better

2:48-4:27  The mindset of National Team players Alex Morgan and Allie Long’s training

4:27-7:47   The mental side of training, setting micro goals

7:47-8:42   Even the greatest players are not relying on God given talent to succeed

8:42-11:18  Is private training just adding to the craziness of youth sports or is it necessary?

11:18-13:10 How to get the benefits of a private trainer without using one

13:10-16:37 How to handle it when your kid doesn’t want to put in the extra work

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