Are You OVER-Attached To Your Child’s Performance?

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | March 21, 2019

Are You OVER-Attached To Your Child’s Performance?

Amy Saltzman, a mindful expert and author of “A Still Quiet Place For Athletes”, discusses the signs a parent is too attached to their child’s performance on the field or court and how to help ease anxiety in young athletes.

3:24 What is mindfulness for an athlete

4:20 What are the signs you are overly attached to your child’s performance

5:30 Being there for our child and not for our own agenda

6:20 How to watch them play without being overly attached or anxious

10:40 Why our ‘support’ often feels like pressure to our children

12:40 Listening to our child without our own agenda

13:18 How to help your child with anxious feelings or fear when they compete

13:43 A step-by-step guide to help your child embrace their feelings when they are anxious

20:00 Befriending your anxiety

24:24 How to help your children practice mindfulness

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