Choosing The Right Kids Sports Bra

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By Asia Mape | September 17, 2018

Choosing The Right Kids Sports Bra

No matter how close your relationship is with your daughter, discussing sports bras for the first time can include a few awkward or embarrassing moments.  And even if your daughter is completely comfortable around this stuff, you still might need some guidance. Here are the basics parents need to know to get started.

Does my daughter need a sports bra yet?

Girls need sports bras for a variety of reasons. The most common one is because of breast growth. When a girl starts to develop, she often feels more comfortable wearing a sports bra for support and coverage.

Another reason is that some girls feel uncomfortable changing their shirt in front of others, and a sports bra gives them extra coverage and confidence in the locker room. Typically soccer players wear them at very young ages so they can easily switch between home and away jerseys without running to the bathroom.

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Still others just like the added layer a sports bra provides in the beginning stage of breast development; it helps them keep a smooth look and prevent chafing. One mom we heard from mentioned her daughter began wearing a sports bra at age five for tumbling practice because she kept getting tangled up in her shirt.

What is the Right Age to Wear a Sports Bra?

The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Each girl develops differently. It’s perfectly healthy for a girl to start to experience budding in their chest as early as age seven. While for other girls, they may not see any growth until age 12 or later.

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When you notice your daughter’s once totally flat chest now has the small bumps called breast buds it’s time to shop for a kids sports bra. Many girls aren’t comfortable asking their parents to buy one. So take the embarrassment out of the the equation by purchasing it for her and leaving it in her room. Then casually say something like, “I left a sports bra I bought for you on your bed. Let me know if it is the right fit for you or if you would prefer something different. “

Our Favorite Sports Bras 

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Hands down, moms told us that Nike was the kids sports bra they recommended most! Nike offers several options for girls with fun prints and designs. Girls love Nike sports bras because they’re smooth, cute and comfortable. While moms love them because they wash well and last. However, many other brands have great options too. Here are some of the top picks from the moms and daughters we interviewed.

Nike Girls’ Seamless Sports Bra  ($20-$35)


The Nike Seamless sports bra has Dri-FIT technology to help with wicking and comfort. As the name implies, it has a seamless design and thin no-slip straps that provide a modest fit and is the top choice for our kids sports bra.

Nike Older Kids’ Sports Bra

 It has a basic and modest design that works well for young girls.

Ivivva/Lululemon Girls Sports Bras ($20-$34)






They even have one called “Fast Change Bra” that has a longline bra for “extra coverage during jersey change”. They have a lot of cute styles, are well made and very comfortable. 


Under Armour Girls HeatGear Sports Bra ($16-$25)





This Under Armour kids sports bra for girls comes in a variety of fun colors and prints. “Heatgear” fabric is a super light fabric that wicks sweat away and has anti-odor technology as well. It also has 4-way stretch construction to move along with your athlete in all directions. It’s perfect for girls who don’t need a ton of support but want extra coverage. 

DKNY Starter Pack ($14.99-24.99)

An affordable four-pack of training kids sports bras perfect for little girls. Easy care, you can throw into dryer, adjustable bra straps and no tag so no itching.


Cute colors and sayings, very affordable and great to starter pack for a young athlete.

OLD NAVY ($12.99)

Another good beginning set, comfortable and affordable.

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