Game Day Snack Recipes (from UCLA Sports Performance Dietician Lauren Papanos)

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By Asia Mape | February 21, 2018

Protein Energy Ball Recipe:

Makes: 10-15 (depending on size)

(1)cup old fashioned rolled oats

(½)cup natural peanut butter

(1/3)cup honey

(1)extra-ripe banana, mashed

(1)scoop whey protein powder

(1)tsp sea salt

*Almond milk as needed to achieve desired consistency

Mix all ingredients into large mixing bowl. Knead together using hands. Use almond milk in splashes as needed. Roll into small balls. Put in fridge for 30 minutes and enjoy!

You can make these into any flavor you wish. Just simply add dried fruit, dark chocolate chips, or shredded coconut. You can also swap peanut butter for almond/cashew butter and use any flavor whey protein powder. If you don’t want to use protein powder, you can use coconut flour in place, just keep in mind that this will bring down the protein content of the energy balls.

Overnight Oats:

Makes: 2

Needed: Mason Jars

(1)tbsp honey

(1)cup old fashioned rolled oats

(1/2)cup unsweetened apple sauce

(1/2)cup vanilla greek yogurt

(2)tbsp. natural peanut/almond butter

(1/2)tsp cinnamon

(1/4)tsp sea salt

Mix all ingredients together and divide between two mason jars. Refrigerate for minimum of 8 hours. Serve cold or heat and top with fruit of choice. Add honey if needed for sweetness.


Other Game Day Snack Ideas:

  1. Banana Honey Toast
  2. Homemade trail mix (dried cherries/goji berries, banana chips, salty cashews/almonds, granola/healthy cereal)
  3. Cheez-Its, Goldfish
  4. Frozen grapes

TIP: an easy way to get kids to eat more carbohydrate rich snacks to fuel up for a game is to “cup” snacks. Even just tossing a mini bag of goldfish into a cup is typically better received than just the goldfish in the bag itself.


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