Stuff We Love! 💛 Skins Compression Pants

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | January 16, 2018


Rest and Recover…

When you don’t have time for massage or ice baths, compression clothing is said to help increase circulation and oxygen delivery to your body by providing pressure to your legs or arms or whatever area is fatigued from working out. I purchased these for my 12-year old daughter particularly for tournaments when she is playing two-three games a day.  “Skins” have a patented moisture wick and odor treatment that are a nice bonus. She also slept in them they felt so comfortable.

The price is high, but they are often on sale and have other styles that aren’t as expensive. Another added bonus, on cold days, she can wear them under her shorts for warmth and recovery.

My daughter  “I immediately felt like my muscles were getting massaged and had a very warm feeling. They are so comfortable. I love them and wear them all the time.”   

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