High Tech Ways To Keep Your Athlete Safe

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By Asia Mape | October 16, 2017

High Tech Ways To Keep Your Athlete Safe

For parents, there’s no bigger priority than keeping your child safe.  Although injuries are sometimes common in sports, it’s important that you’re well equipped and prepared to keep your child safe and healthy in an emergency.

Here are some high tech ways to help you.


You’ve likely heard about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that can be found among athletes or people with repetitive brain trauma. That doesn’t just mean a few concussions; severe damage like this is caused by hundreds of hits over the course of an athlete’s career but the more we learn about CTE and concussions, the more important it is to spot them and treat them properly, especially in our young athletes.

 HitCheck is a mobile app that can help you screen for signs of concussion within minutes of a collision. Parents and even coaches can download the app and use it as a guide to manage a potential concussion. The app helps you make informed decisions about when it’s ok to get back in the game, when it’s time to be sidelined, and when medical attention is needed.

From HitCheck, you can share information with a medical practitioner, monitor recovery, and track concussion history to prevent long-term damage.



 Team Safe

 One of the best things about youth sports is that they are often managed by parents, friends or teachers – people who are already in your family’s community.

However, that could mean that not everyone on the field is properly trained to deal with injuries or emergencies.

TeamSafe is an app that parents and coaches can use together to help ensure a child’s safety before an accident happens. The app can host each athlete’s medical history and emergency contact information (for example, if your child gets stung by a bee at soccer practice, their coach can pull up his or her medical history, confirm what action needs to be taken, and be better informed to help your child).

The app also provides valuable information about what to do in a sports-related emergency, how to prepare for such emergencies by delegating tasks among coaches and parents ahead of time, and provides information about concussion management.

TeamSafe really is about mobilizing your child’s entire sports community with knowledge and preparation ahead of an emergency.




American Red Cross First-Aid App

 The American Red Cross is a trusted source in emergency situations.

Their app offers instant access to information on handling common first aid emergencies.

However, we feel it’s important to remind you that this should not replace proper medical attention.

Red Cross App



So much of having a child athlete is the coordinating of rides to and from practices and games.

Chances are you’re not going to make it to every single one and that can be nerve-wracking as a parent. Did they make it to practice on time? Did they get home ok?  

Life360 is an app that allows you and each member of your family to be connected at all times. Instead of texting your child multiple times to see if he or she got that ride home from practice, the app lets you view your family members on a map and communicate with one another.

If you lose sight of your child after a game because they are off playing with friends, you can take a deep breath. If your child has his or her phone on them or in their bag, you’ll be able to see that they are still at the field.

There’s also a panic alert feature that allows you to alert everyone in your family of an emergency.



Volt Athletics App

 For older athletes, the proper workout regimens are crucial to staying healthy.

Volt Athletics has an app that will analyze your child’s individual physique and goals, and provide sport-specific programs for them to adapt over time.  The biggest benefit for parents (and kids) is that the plans and goals will help reduce the risk of injury.

The app has instructions for thirty different sports, as well as an all-around athlete function.



Fan Health Network

 This app is geared more towards older athletes, as well. As a parent, you know it’s important for kids to have role models. The Fan Health Network app allows your kid to follow legendary athletes and sports personalities to get tips and pointers on living a healthy lifestyle.

Your child can log their workouts into a fitness tracker for feedback and comparisons with their favorite sports stars. Current and former athletes will even offer nutrition and wellness advice, as well as encouragement!



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