NBA Head Coach Steve Kerr Shares His Sports Parenting Philosophy Podcast Episode – 2

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By Alex Flanagan | September 15, 2017
Steve Kerr Podcast

Whether you are a coach, a CEO or a parent, I promise you will find value in listening to our latest podcast with Golden State Warriors Head Coach, Steve Kerr.

The father of three kids, two who were scholarship athletes in college, Kerr shares his sports parenting philosophy and coaching tips that apply to the boardroom as much as they do to the basketball court.  Also find out why the Warriors tailor their schedule around tee times, what Kerr thinks truly sets Steph Curry apart from other NBA players and wishes every kid could have and why he says too much has been made of controversial NBA dad Lavar Ball.

Alex Flanagan co-founded I love to watch you play in 2015. She was flying home from an NFL work assignment when a learning specialist, who was sitting next to her, shared 5 reasons she shouldn’t feel guilty missing her son’s game. She shared their conversation on her own website and the response was so overwhelming it inspired her to create ILTWYP to help parents like herself navigate youth sports.



  1. I love this episode on so many levels! Every parent or coach of student athletes should listen to this! I love the mission of your website and podcast!


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