9 Signs Your Child is Suffering From Burnout

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | August 29, 2017

9 Signs Your Child Might Have Sports Burnout

We’ve all heard the studies – 70% of kids quit youth sports by age 13. There are several reasons why this makes sense – academics, electronics, change in interests, and fewer opportunities at the recreational level at that age.

But one undeniable reason an athlete might quit at any age, is burnout.


burn·out ˈbərnˌout/

2) Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

Any parent with a child who participates in youth sports knows burnout is real. The amount of time, commitment and pressure put on young athletes today would push almost any child – or adult for that matter, to burn out. We created a list to help you spot it – hopefully before it’s too late.

(Some of these signs could be attributed to a larger problem, so please speak with a physician if your concerns encompass more than their sports).

  1. Sudden disinterest in their sport or a lack of motivation. Complaining they don’t want to go to practice, slow to get ready.
  2. Loss of enjoyment or pride in what they are doing. If they seem more negative about the coach or their teammates or their own play on the field. If they used to take great pride in their accomplishments and now are no longer excited to share these experiences.
  3. Poor performance. Yes, all youth athletes’ performances will rise and fall, but if you notice a consistent downward spiral for no apparent reason, this could be a sign.
  4. Constantly tired, sleeping more than usual. Sick a lot more. Eating habits change.
  5. Detached from the team, doesn’t want to socialize during downtime.
  6. Mood swings, easily aggressive or depressed. Sudden anxiety about performance or playing or even in general.
  7. Exaggerates injuries or ailments.
  8. No desire to improve or work on the weak areas of their game or ‘put in the extra time.’
  9. Suddenly interested in trying other sports or different activities.

If you notice several of these signs, you may want to consider some minor or drastic changes before your child quits altogether. READ HERE For 6 Ways To Help Keep Your Child From Burning Out.


  1. I’m so glad ILTWYP is looking at the full range of issues confronting families with young athletes. This list about signals of ‘burnout’ is helpful.


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