What Parents Hate Most About Youth Sports!

Asia Mape
In Balance, Learn
By Asia Mape | August 21, 2017

When we posed that question a while back, we were overwhelmed with the response and did a post revealing the 8 MOST frustrating things about youth sports – READ THAT ARTICLE HERE.  Below you’ll find the extended list, as well as some of the top answers as told to us by some very cute kids!

The Entire List Of Your Responses:

  • Coaches who don’t give 100 %
  • The other parents, absolutely. The negative talk, the sideline coaching, the bad attitude or being a sore loser.
  • Participation trophies.
  • Almost all coaches say they’re in favor of kids playing multiple sports, but when it comes right down to it, those coaches want a year-round, full-time commitment to THEIR sport, at the exclusion of almost anything else
  • Parents who complain but don’t lift a finger to help
  • Parents who won’t admit they are living vicariously through their son/daughter.
  • Parents and coaches who take it too serious and forget it’s about character building and fun. Life’s not fair. Sports won’t be fair and the child won’t necessarily get what they deserve. Just sit back and watch your child grow while walking alongside of them. Period.
  • Treating officials poorly
  • Parents on the opposing team badmouthing and cussing at my child and her teammates while they are on the field.
  • Not having a schedule for weekend tournaments until the day or two before the tournament–then if it’s a two day tournament, not knowing at all when they play the second day.
  • The parents that sit and yell at their child through the game and then sit and play on their phone.
  • The competition between the parents. Shouldn’t the competition be between the 2 teams on the field/court?
  • Leagues who don’t develop coaches.
  • Overuse injuries
  • The parents who never have anything good to say, be it about their child, the whole team, or the coach.
  • The rush to specialize.
  • Players that are allowed to bully other players.
  • Indifferent Parents that have loud telephone conversations on the sidelines of games.
  • Coaches who shouldn’t be coaching….be it they aren’t properly trained and certified, they aren’t good working with kids or they have no personal experience in the sport. If you don’t know and can’t teach FUNDAMENTALS you shouldn’t be coaching. This includes beginners. So frustrating to see a coach not correcting because they don’t know what to correct.
  • Parents or coaches who relax their integrity in a quest for winning
  • High school freshmen & sophomores feeling pressure to contact colleges & decide where they want to play before they even know what they want to study!
  • Parent’s
  • Unprepared and lazy coaches
  • Playing out of town tournaments when there is good competition nearby.
  • Missing family events for sports
  • Intense parents who only want to talk about the team and have nothing else to discuss ever.
  • Parents and Kids who force lesser skilled players off the team by being mean and bullying them
  • Parents who berate their kids on the field right after a game
  • Coaches who only scream and don’t teach
  • Smelly after soccer carpool feet in my car


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