Dirty Play – Not Anymore!

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By Asia Mape | May 26, 2017

Dirty Play – Not Anymore!

What happens when two self described “neat freaks” happen to sit next to each other one day on a soccer field? Well..there is a lot of complaining about how dirty the sport is. No, not because of hard fouls or players taking a dive, rather real dirt. The kind that clings to shoes and clothes and gets all over your car when the game is over.

That’s how, Axella was born.  A seat cover that protects your seat and floor from dirt, mud, water, sweat, and stink that builds up from your kids’ daily sports grind.

We were asked by Jill Osinoff and Heather Moss from momscarmatters.com to put their seat covers to the test. So we chose three of our ILTWYP faithful followers and asked them to give the mats a good workout.  Here is their feedback:

Andrea from Washington State:

“Our neck of the woods has been one of the wettest on record, so there is no shortage of stinky, muddy teenagers (and a hairy dog) to test this seat cover out.  So far, so good. Not only has it protected my car seats, but it is also super quick and easy to remove and shake off after each trip in the car if necessary.  I am especially excited about how useful it is a pet barrier as well. I don’t think I would have sought out this seat cover on my own, but after sampling it I really buy into it’s ease of use and ability to soak up the stinky dirt and sweat of our three active kids and their friends.
Brian – Indiana:
“It doesn’t take up much space when not in use and it is easy to apply to the seat when needed. It is also easy to clean. The added bonus is the floor mat. It keeps cleats from destroying the carpeted floor. We keep it in the car all the time, even when soccer season is over. It has a couple of elastic loops on the end, but I was unsure what they were for. Also, I think the $50 price may be a bit high for the general consumer. We have really enjoyed the product!”
Karen – Ohio:
“We used it the first day we got it! I was so excited- I know that sounds geeky but I love a clean car.  We had a softball game and it was wet and cold.  I LOVE the mat!

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