The Single Most Important Thing Your Child Should Do If They Want To Play Sports In College.

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | January 10, 2017

The Single Most Important Thing Your Child Should Do If They Want To Play Sports In College.

Academics can open doors and shut doors, even for great athletes.  Our friends from recently interviewed college coaches from all sports and across all divisions and they all had the same message, HIT THE BOOKS!

5-hidden things college coaches look for in recruits

Here are 9 reasons your child should make academics a priority if they want to play sports in college.

  1. The importance of getting good grades starts early in high school. Too many talented high school athletes neglect their grades during their freshmen & sophomore years and try to catch up in their junior and senior years. Unfortunately it’s often too much ground lost early to make up.
  2. Most college coaches are confident they can develop a high school athlete into a good college player. But they are also keenly aware they have little control off the field, and cannot force an athlete to hit the books and study. The High School athlete who is academically self motivated will move up the recruiting ladder.
  3. Recruiting is a very intensive process and coaches have a limited amount of time and resources. Bottom line is coaches will only recruit those athletes they feel confident will be able to make a successful academic transition from High School to College. Enhance your recruiting profile – get the grades!
  4. Good grades in High School is the best predictor of getting good grades in College. College coaches want to avoid recruiting athletes who end up being ineligible to play or wash out for academic purposes.
  5. Good grades in high school is a good indicator that the athlete has developed the time management skills. This will be essential in college where both the academic and athletic workloads are more challenging then most high schools.
  6. Good grades in high school is an indicator that the athlete works hard and applies him or herself. Don’t underestimate this factor –  the perception that an athlete is “lazy” will immediately kill their chances with many if not most college coaches.
  7. College coaches want their players to succeed in school and graduate, and it’s part of the effectiveness factor of many coaches ratings.
  8. Excellent grades might qualify the athlete for an academic scholarship and free up athletic based awards for other players – coaches really love this situation.
  9. Good grades are an indicator of smarts, and coaches want smart players on their teams!

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