71 Things Parents Say To Kids Before a Game

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By Asia Mape | November 5, 2016

71 Things Parents Say To Kids Before a Game

The reaction to our video on the words of wisdom you pass along to your children before they play their games was overwhelming! Thanks for watching and for sharing what you say to your kids. We enjoyed reading your comments so much we thought we would share some of them in a post.

  1. “Be awesome.” Jeannine Sweeney Duffy
  2. “200% and don’t be good, be great!” April C Beau
  3. “Be fierce!” is what I say to my soccer goalie. Coleen Zeleny Fitch
  4. “Kick some ass.” Julie Schaufelberger
  5. “Get it, girl!!!” Sandra Hinrichs
  6. “Play smart, remember all the work you’ve done and have fun.” John Neal
  7. “Don’t Suck”…. Then he grins as he walks away. Ed Myrick
  8. “Work hard, hustle & have fun! Thanks for letting us watch you play!! Love you!!!” Rachael Collins Field
  9. “Kick balls! Have fun! We love you!” (Same for my college girl as our academy boy.) Kylie Closson
  10. “Work hard, do your best, and have fun.” William Dailey
  11. If it is football I say, “knock ’em on their *ss,” for basketball it is, “kick some *ss.” I am not very PC either, as you can tell. Wendy Kuhn Egli
  12. “Don’t fall down. Don’t score on your own goal. Your shorts are on backwards. Hope you move up from left bench.” Joshua Ardus
  13. “Confidence, not cockiness.” Kimberley Dolbier
  14. “You can do it!!! Have fun but work hard! Love you!” Ginny Hillier Looney
  15. To my football player: “Sack that goalie! I know it’s QB.” He gives me the same grin each time. Erin Normile McGettrick
  16. “Go be awesome.” Erin Moritz
  17. “Play hard, play smart, have FUN!” Ryan Harrington
  18. “Be nice but, follow the rules and let your ‘racquets’ (skill) do the talking. I love to see you play.” Kolleen Sawyer
  19. “Have fun & do what you know how to do!” Stephanie Munro
  20. “WIN!!!” Shannon Pennington
  21. “Do your best, be a good teammate and HAVE FUN!!!” Marissa MacDonald Mateo
  22. “Have fun. Do your best. Listen to your coaches. I can’t wait to see you play!” Jim Porter
  23. “Play hard, have fun, hustle!” Tasha Privett
  24. To my boys (14 & 16), it has always been, “Do you! Do your thing out there!” To my daughter (9), with her personality, it is, “Beast Mode, kiddo.” Amy Harris
  25. “Be the best of you!” Barbara Oswald
  26. “Play smart!” Monica Hassis
  27. “Love you, have fun and play smart.” Kerry Rice Navinskey
  28. As a coach, I tell all my boys to have fun, stay focused, play hard and play fair. As a parent, I tell my son I love him and no matter what I am proud of him. William Werner
  29. “Have fun, work hard, play tough.” Darcy Vredenburg
  30. “Let’s go, 24!” Carla Foresee Wilson
  31. Have fun and do your best. Have a plan and execute.” Tj Julkowski
  32. “Have good sportsmanship, support your teammates.” Ryan Gillespie
  33. “Good Luck … You’ve prepared for this … You got this … I Love You …” Amy Schulte
  34. “Be awesome!” Jerome Berglund
  35. “Play hard, have fun! I love you!” Maria Boyd Duckworth
  36. “Have fun, be a good teammate and play the game you love!” Niki Heanssler
  37. “We better win or you ain’t getting a snow cone and you can walk home!!” Lol, I’m JUST KIDDING!! CALM DOWN. I tell my kids that GOD is their Strength and to call on him! “Whether we win or lose we do our job – don’t be lazy – your team is relying on you to do YOUR job! And lastly, HAVE FUN!!!!” Wendy Makua
  38. “I Love you Papi; show them what you got!” Claudia Terry
  39. I say the acronym of HUSH. “Have fun, Use the advice of your coaches, Support your teammates, and most important … Have faith in God. He gave you these abilities and talents, use them to honor Him.” Keri Marie Champlin Meier
  40. “Be you!” Kelly Riordan
  41. “I love you. Do your best.” Christine Bennett Falchetta
  42. My daughter and I always fist bump and I tell her, “you got this.” Beverly Sherwood
  43. “Be amazing.” Holly Steffensen Stilwell
  44. “Play hard and have fun!” Beth Pollock Clark
  45. “Be Safe. Don’t get hurt, and I will see you after the game.” Stephanie Schepp Neshem
  46. “Have fun!” It’s still what I tell my girls even though they are now playing U18 Gold level travel competitive soccer. Charles C Salmina
  47. “Play hard, do your best, do your part, and win or lose, mom and dad will always love you.” Laura Herring
  48. “Go get ’em, have fun and just do what you do.” Jenny Chism Craig
  49. “Play hard, have fun, take risks.” Steven L. Person
  50. My daughter is an alpine ski racer. My parting words are “Go fast and be smart.” Mike Cronin
  51. “Be strong during the game. Before the game, Inspire!!!” Juliana Rozsypal Rader
  52. My D3 son salutes me and I smile like a Cheshire Cat! Blessed! Angie Greene Gebele
  53. “Have fun, play hard and cheer on your teammates!” Christen Gallemore Gullatt
  54. I really can’t say if this showed up on my timeline. But man I’d really love to… Brendan O’Conchobhair
  55. I say “you’d better win or you can find another ride home!!” Patrick Waters
  56. Every game I always say, “Play hard, have fun.” Simple and to the point. Chad Walls
  57. “Play what you practice.” Darren Beachley
  58. “Play physical, play fast, play smart, and have fun!!!” Hug. And my U14 daughter still asks for the hug!!!! Johnny Ball
  59. When they were young: “Let’s go kick some honey buns!” from the movie Mulan, voice of Eddie Murphy. Aimee O’Keefe
  60. “Listen to the coach and have fun.” Julie Allen
  61. “Have fun!” that’s it – that’s all they need to hear before a game! Becky Mangano Trosin
  62. “Open a can of whip ass!” Kevin Smith
  63. We have a saying for both our teams: “play hard, go home proud!” Steve Winckler
  64. “Do what you gotta do!” 100% Damion Harris
  65. “Remember, this is 90% mental, the other 10% you have practiced & are prepared for. Don’t give away your 90%, stay focused no matter what. You are physically prepared & ready for this game. Protect your house & have your teammates’ backs. Have fun & give it your all!” Jeannie Jennings
  66. “OWN IT!!”Jeremy Dunn
  67. “Have fun, all you got all the time, and smile. … a lot.” Kenneth White
  68. “Have Fun, Play Tough and Never Give Up!!!!!!” Kevin Banagan
  69. “Play smart, be smart … handle it the way you know how.” Jason Neal
  70. “Play strong. Have fun!” Carolyn Rainey Nyhan
  71. “Have fun! You rock! Can’t wait to see you play.” Annette Kane-Shine


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