Did You Seriously Just Say That?!

Alex Flanagan
In Balance
By Alex Flanagan | July 13, 2016

Have you ever heard a parent say something to their kid at a youth sporting event that just made you cringe? We asked readers to share the most outrageous things they’ve heard at youth sporting events and boy did their responses expose the ugly underbelly of youth sports. These are actual comments made by parents, often to their own children, at games and practices that will make your blood boil or your heart drop.


  1. “Your kid is too small to ever be a good athlete.”
  2. “You throw worse than Tony Romo.”
  3. “You are such a loser.”
  4. “Now they are putting the fat girl in.”
  5. “Get your head out of your F*cking ass!”
  6. Daughter: “Dad, Can I have an ice Cream?” Dad: “Ice cream is for winners.”
  7. “You run like a sissy girl.”
  8. “Those kids are obviously doping”
  9. “Don’t listen to your coach, he’s an idiot.”
  10. “You deeply disappoint me, son.”
  11. “This is why you live with your mom and not me.”
  12. “You would be a star if you weren’t fat and lazy.”
  13. “You F*cking Suck, Ump!”
  14. “I can’t believe you lost to those losers.”
  15. “They are cheaters…The whole team is a bunch of Douche Bags.”
  16. “You are worthless.”
  17. “Why can’t you play more like your sister?”
  18. “Were you even trying?”
  19. “I’ll give you $20 if you get your Mom a hit this year.”
  20. “I missed bingo for this?”
  21. “That is F*cking BullSh$T.”
  22. “How many times do I have to tell you to keep your eye on the ball?”
  23. “You make Daddy very happy when you score.”
  24. “That was such a stupid play, son!”
  25. “Did you forget everything I told you?”
  26. “This was embarrassing for me!”
  27. “You never do anything right.”

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