UCLA Women’s Soccer Coach Amanda Cromwell On The Key Ingredient to Playing In College

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By Asia Mape | June 30, 2016

There aren’t many sports resume’s that can match the one of UCLA Women’s Head Soccer Coach Amanda Cromwell. So when you get Coach Cromwell to sit down and answer any and everything you want to know about women’s and youth soccer, it is a major score!

Cromwell has won at every level and at just about everything she’s ever played: won a State Cup and regional Championship as a club player, a high school soccer state championship, and a high school basketball championship. She captained the University of Virginia to the Final Four; she was a four-time All ACC, two-time All America; she played seven years on the National Team; was on the ’95 World Cup Team; was an Alternate on the ’96 Olympic Team; played three years in the professional women’s league; coached 14 seasons at the University of Central Florida and is in her 4th season at UCLA where she led the Bruins to their first EVER National Championship just 8 months after being hired. She went on to be named the Pac 12 and National Coach of the Year. She ranks among the top 25 winningest active coaches and top 30 winningest of all time in NCAA History. She also served on the NCAA Men’s and Women’s soccer rules committee, the US Soccer Board of Directors, and was a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. AND if she wasn’t going to be a soccer coach, she would have been a doctor, after majoring in Biology at UVA. WHEW! So, parents you might just want to listen…

In our first ever ILTWYP Podcast Cromwell tells us what she looks for in a recruit, how she was able to stand out and become one of the best female soccer players in the country, why she doesn’t like club hopping and the three rules she wishes all parents of youth athletes would follow.


  1. I’m a sophomore in high school and play soccer basketball and lacrosse I do hate failures but when I fail I dont let it stop me I get back up and keep trying I try to encourage my teammates and hate when someone yells at me when I do something wrong because there better. And I always practice when I’m not at practice. When I get to college I’m hoping to play either at a D1 or D2 school.


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