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Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | April 11, 2016

It was another weekend full of sports, but for once, not OUR kids’ sports. We visited two of the finest universities in Southern California, USC and UCLA, and watched amazing athletes perform at high levels. Yes, some might think we are crazy to finally have a free weekend and CHOOSE to spend it watching more games, but I am a firm believer in this one very simple concept:

If you can’t see it, you probably can’t dream it and therefore you won’t achieve it!

If your child has a desire to play their sport at a high level, you better show them first hand (not on the internet or YouTube) what it’s all about. Get them out to see a live high school, college, or professional game. Alex’s son Declan has been practicing dribbling skills ever since watching Steph Curry’s Harlem Globetrotter style pre-game warm up routine. But you don’t have to spend all of your savings on an NBA or NFL game,  it’s easier than you might thing to find sporting events to attend that are free of charge.

declan and steph

On Saturday we watched #1 ranked USC take on #2 ranked UCLA in women’s waterpolo on the USC campus. The physical play and tenacity of these women were something to behold! My twelve- year-old waterpolo player and her teammates barely took their eyes off the pool. On Sunday, we saw the UCLA women’s soccer team scrimmage Long Beach State. Unlike regular season games, we were able to right on the edge of the field. The speed of play and the incredible noise the ball made each time one of those powerful athletes kicked it won’t be easily forgotten by my youngest two daughters who both play club soccer.

IMG_4305And the games were only part of the experience. Walking around each campus, seeing the bustling of activity and visiting the school stores, the kids were inspired on an entirely different level. Sports or no sports, they were able to make an even deeper connection with their future selves and who they want to become one day.


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