Four More Ways To Connect With Your Kids During March Madness

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | March 15, 2016

Our first March Madness post focused on “Bracketology” for the entire family.  But if brackets aren’t your thing or you’re looking for even MORE ways to get excited during this incredible tournament, here are several other ideas.

  • Create yummy March Madness treats for the entire family (the kids will love to help decorate).  We were inspired by the amazing creations from Hungry Happenings and guest blogger, Beth Jackson Klosterboer.  Visit her site for recipes and details.




  • Who said learning isn’t fun?  Print out our blank map of the United States and each round have the kids color in basketballs to represent where each team is from. ILTWYP U.S.A. MAP



  • Play March Madness Bingo.  Keeping the kid’s interest for an entire game is no longer a problem! Download this ILTWYP Bingo Card and print up enough for each member of the family.  Next find checkers as your bingo markers or even have your kids cut out circles to use as the pieces.   Then, as you watch a game, each time one of the squares occurs in the game, place a marker on it.  The first player to get four in a row in any direction wins.  ILTWYP BINGObingo


  • And finally, if you don’t know about “One Shining Moment” it’s the best part of the whole tournament. Make sure you record or watch live the final minutes of the Championship game when CBS revisits all the best moments throughout the three weeks, edited to their classic song “One Shining Moment.” My kids and I watch this every year and I get goose bumps every time. It will inspire your entire family!

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