The 3 Lessons One Dad Hopes The Super Bowl Taught His Kids

Alex Flanagan
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By Alex Flanagan | February 13, 2016

My friend Trent Othick posted this on Facebook the other day. I thought it was so simple, yet poignant . So I asked him if I could share it with all of you on our website.

(By Guest Contributor Trent Othick)

I hope my kids learned a few things from the Broncos run to the Championship.

1) NEVER LISTEN TO THE NOISE. Everyone had Denver losing against Pittsburgh, then against New England, then against Carolina (I can’t add up how many times I heard Carolina was going to crush them).

2) DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. It doesn’t matter the sport this always holds true.

3) STAY HUMBLE. My kids kept asking me all weekend in San Fransisco why I would say, “We are going to need it”, every time a Carolina fan would tell us “good luck”. Denver did nothing but praise Cam Newton before the Super Bowl and then shut him down once the game started. After Denver won, we went out of our way to tell the Carolina fans what a good team they had and that we were sure they would win Championships in the near future with Cam Newton. They traveled a long way to disappointment and that is not fun. We’ve been there before with the Broncos and The University of Arizona basketball team and UNLV in the NCAA Tourney. I’m still crushed from the UNLV 1987 loss at the Final 4, when I was there as a kid, and by some of Arizona’s unexpected upsets while my brother, Matt, played and the last two years against Wisconsin in the Elite 8.

Denver’s blow out loss to Seattle still stings from two years ago. It’s not fun to be on the losing end when you are a true fan and the reality is most fans end up there… as only one team wins. Thankfully this year it was ours!

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