What I Won’t (Well…Try) Not To Do In The New Year

Asia Mape
In Balance, Learn
By Asia Mape | December 31, 2015
  • I will not start every car conversation after a game with a critique or observation.
  • I will advocate more on my child’s behalf when I see them struggling with issues surrounding their sports.
  • I will use my time at their practices to get things done. I will exercise, do work or read.
  • I will choose better timed moments to discuss positive and negative feedback. I will make sure it’s when they’re ready to hear it and not when I want to unload it.
  • I will trust my child’s knowledge, skills and observations about their sports and not impose my own thoughts and feelings on them.
  • I will not treat my children’s sports as equal to or more important than family, school or faith.
  • I will limit the amount of sports they play a season in order to have a more balanced family life.
  • I will not get them a treat after EVERY game.
  • I will make an effort to learn and understand their sport on a deeper level.
  • I will play sports with my child STRICTLY for fun and spending time together, NOT to work on skills.

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