15 Signs Your Child Is On An Elite Team!

  1. The game snacks are no longer Doritos, Gatorade, and Rice Crispy Treats…they are just no longer.
  2. Your child was unable to attend your last three extended family events.
  3. More Dads come to practice and games and not because they are unemployed.
  4. Your child knows the Marriott breakfast buffet will be better than the one at Holiday Inn.
  5. The Moms exercise during practice.
  6. You spend $250 on a pair of shoes, bat, or training apparatus…and it doesn’t faze you.
  7. The team has a personalized pop up canopy or banner.
  8. Several of the parents are former professional athletes or collegiate athletes.
  9. Your child now gets “sports” homework in addition to their school homework.
  10. At least one family member or friend whose kids don’t play sports have accused you of being “insane”.
  11. The Starbucks employees near your practice facility know you on a first name basis.
  12. You have more meals with the families on your team than your own.
  13. The parents wear “team” apparel to most games and practices.
  14. Dinner conversation (if you ever eat dinner together) centers around your team, other teams you are playing that week, or good players on your team or your opposing team.
  15. You contemplate making your child quit all sports at least once a month.
  16. The club name will of often have the adjective “Elite” or “Select” as part of it. Just in case it wasn’t already clear.  (A bonus one given by a reader that was so funny we had to add it).

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