10 Things I Like About The Girls’ U.S. Soccer Development Academy

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | December 27, 2018

1. All the games are videotaped and accessible and shared with the player and parents and there are detailed game reports that show starters, minutes played, goals and cards.

2. You aren’t allowed to play more than one game in a day, or more than two days in a row (parents I know this can be annoying and a financial burden, but much better for their bodies and injury prevention).

3. Organization and structure.  Each region has female technical advisors to guide clubs. There is a great deal of involvement and overseeing done by USA Soccer. I like standards and organization so this aspect appeals to me.

4. You are required to practice on well-maintained and top fields in your area that meet USA Soccer standards.

5. Almost all holidays are off and NO games are ever allowed before 9AM. Plus all teams from the same clubs play at the same fields, back to back.

6. The coaches are required to have high level license requirements and are given high level training at USA Soccer and there is a systematic approach to training and games.

7. The fees are less than most regular clubs (although there is travel that you fly to) and some clubs are free for DA.

8. Generally there is only one game per weekend and it’s at the same time every weekend, leaving more free time and the ability to plan family outings on Saturday and Sunday.

9. There is a health care professional required to be at every game, who makes the decisions on who re-enters a game after a head injury (not parent/coach/player).

10. The Patch – Just sayin, it is kinda cool.

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