What You Need To Know Before Piercing Your Child’s Ears

Alex Flanagan
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By Alex Flanagan | May 2, 2018
young soccer player with ear piercings

Thinking About Piercing Your Child’s Ears?  WAIT… Why it is important to time ear piercings around sports seasons.

I learned why you should never lie one September Saturday after my 7-year-old daughter played in her first ever soccer game. She and her sister were worried when the coach sent out an email the night before the game saying, “No jewelry may be worn while playing the game of soccer. If you are thinking of getting our child’s ears pierced in the near future, wait.”

Well too late!

We got her ears pierced four week prior and were under strict instructions to not take the earrings out for at least 8 weeks. Grace was ready to quit soccer. I was cramming for my first Notre Dame game of the year in a hotel room ½ way across the country. So my husband and I agreed it would be easier to sell her on the idea that it wouldn’t do any harm to take her earring out for a short time , just while she played the game.

When my daughter protested I came up with a brilliant solution. I told her I had called Claire’s, the ear piercing professionals, and they too said it was okay. I didn’t really call Claire’s and it turns out it wasn’t really okay!

By the time the game was over my husband tried to shove the earrings back in, but couldn’t!

“Uhh oh,” he said when he called me, “what do I do?” “Punch them in a little harder and make sure you sterilize them!” I answered from the football field a few hours before kick off.

He made about 15 attempts before driving her to Claire’s where he found out, as my daughters had warned, it only take a few MINUTES for a recently pierced ear to close! They had to re-pierce them!

“Mom, did you really call Claire’s?” my daughter asked after recovering from the traumatic ordeal.

“Why would they tell you it was alright?” I had to come clean.

“I didn’t call,” I confessed. “I didn’t tell you the truth and that was the wrong thing to do. I’m sorry.”

My cheerful, sweet, little girl (now with swollen ear lobes) said, “it’s okay mom, but you really shouldn’t have done that.”

She was right.



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