What Donald Trump Has In Common With Your Child.

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By Asia Mape | October 21, 2016

What Donald Trump Has In Common With Your Child

Donald Trump loves sports AND he was good at them! No matter how you feel about Trump being sworn in as President, one thing is certain, he has the sports resume to take the oval office.

Study after study finds people who grew up playing sports are more likely to be successful in business and beyond than those who didn’t and you can’t get much more successful than the President of The United States. 

Trump was always a standout athlete, playing baseball, football and soccer and wrestled in his youth. He often boasts he could have played a sport in college and those who knew him back then tend to support his claim. 


Then there’s golf.  Trump has made a fortune by building golf resorts around the world and says he has a 3-handicap when he hits the links.

There is certainly is a clear correlation between sports and important Presidential traits like performing under pressure, teamwork, and leadership; and many of the former US Presidents were also great athletes.

Everyone knows about Obama’s love for basketball, but what about George H.W. Bush? He was a standout baseball player who captained his Yale team to two Division I championship appearances. Gerald Ford played linebacker at the University of Michigan and Ronald Reagan lettered in three sports at Eureka College: football, track and swimming.

What happens over the next four years remains to be seen, but let’s hope Trump guides our Country as good as he did his high school sports team.

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