Best Coaches Gift Ever!

Asia Mape
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By Asia Mape | January 15, 2016

You’ve done the gift card, the plaque, and the trophy and you don’t have time to do a ten hour craft from Pinterest. Finally there is a unique new gift idea for coaches – or anyone – who deserves a thank you or a little love sent their way and it’s super EASY!

It’s called Flatterbox and it’s the brainchild of my good friend Leslie Gudel.  She is a Sportscaster and mom of two.  Leslie conceived the idea four years ago when she wanted to do something special for her husband’s birthday.  She asked his friends to email her one thing they love about him.  She then wrote out 100 cards – by hand!  It turned out to be well worth it as her husband’s emotional response to the gift said it all. Leslie figured there had to be an easier way to do this.  She launched Flatterbox a year and half later on Kathie Lee and Hoda and hasn’t looked back.allison 2  Flatterbox has already been featured in Cosmopolitan, USA Today and Real Simple. But I wanted to give it a true-life test.  So I jumped at the chance to do one for my daughter’s soccer coach for their end-of-the-season party.  She is one of those once-in-a-lifetime coaches who LOVE the game, love coaching and have a passion that is inspiring! So finding something that was special and that could help our team express our gratitude for all that she has done was an incredible find!  flatterbox resizedallison opens flatterbox
At the party, she read each Flatterbox card one by one and it was tough not to tear up. After all 25 of them were read, she said, “this is probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten.”  The kids loved seeing her read aloud each one of their special sentiments and now our coach has a memory from our season and our team that she will be able to keep forever. The Flatterbox website was really easy to use; one person sets it up by adding emails of everyone they want to include.  In this case, it was our team manager who has all the emails at the ready.  The recipients receive the email and then follow the link and type up their sentiment. The box ships out within days of approving it. Flatterbox even gives you suggestions if you’re having trouble finding the right words to express yourself. They also send out email reminders to those who haven’t gotten it done in the allotted time. We started well ahead of time, so it was no problem at all.  It was a perfect end to a great season!


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