Moms and Their Sons Team Up To Play Fantasy Football…And All Hell Breaks Loose

“Can we have Brandon Cooks Back?” My friend asked on the other end of the phone. Her 9-year-old son had gone online without telling her and traded the Saints wide receiver to me and my son in exchange for the Rams Tavon Austin.An ill-advised move according to almost anyone familiar with fantasy. And so it goes when you are playing in a league where moms are partnered with their 8, 9 and 10 year-old sons.

I returned Cooks to his rightful owner, but not without some lengthy negotiation with my son, who I’ve already run into a few fantasy football bumps with. The first came when I chose to draft wide receiver Kevin White.Turns out it wasn’t who my son wanted, so much so that it brought him to tears.There were also waterworks when I firmly suggested last week we put Amari Cooper back in the lineup instead of one of his favorite players, Seattle’s Doug Baldwin. What to do when you 8-year-old son, who even though only in the 3rd grade, is determined that he knows more than you do about football. Turns out it’s a problem not uncommon in our ilovetowatchyouplay league. Here’s what happens when mom’s and son’s play fantasy football…

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